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Optimum Skin Health

Optimum Skin Health is my skin care program.

Integrative therapies will be included and have been used since the dawn of the first healers and their patients, with the very earliest use of plants for healing the skin.   Over the last 50 years, integrative dermatology therapies have become increasingly popular and a significant percentage of the population has incorporated integrative dermatology into daily use.   Integrative therapies are not meant to replace traditional therapies, but need to be used in conjunction to achieve the most favorable result.

1-2-3 Motivation

I have a 1-2-3 Motivation plan that men, women, teens, and kids can use to improve their skin.

What is “habit”?    Per, a “habit” is "patterns of behavior established by continual repetition. Habit applies to a behavior or practice so ingrained that it is often done without conscious thought." We become what we continually do, and that means habit.   I will outline how to turn these simple skin solutions into habits.

That said, my Optimum Skin Health program has worked for patients in my clinics, allowing men, women, and kids to keep up their confidence and have healthy skin, and I know it will help our many readers.

What makes this different from all the other books out there?  I use the “Wellness Revolution” as a springboard for all my information.  Whenever possible, I recommend the most natural and healthiest products for all the readers.  My philosophy of life and medicine is to keep it simple—the least amount that is effective is the way to go.

Dermatology, as with other diseases, is symptom and disease oriented.  I have always spent much of my time putting out the fires of the diseases—cutting off skin cancers, treating psoriasis and trying to halt the devastation brought on by years of abuse from smoking, alcohol, and sun overconsumption.  Right now, we have more tools and information at our disposal to prevent and lessen problems before they start or escalate. 

I understand that many people have genetic triggers that manifest in psoriasis or other skin maladies.  But what about stress release and smoking and lessening of fat intake that has been proven to both decrease afflictions of all kinds?  The skin is what we see but it is the “end product” of all that happens inside us and in many cases, we have great control over much of what goes on.

Dr. Robert A. Norman

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