Dr. Norman’s Books


Geriatric Dermatology

R.A. Norman (Editor)

Where conventional dermatology texts are lacking in the area of chronic care, this practical and comprehensive book expertly covers skin care, including wound care, in nursing homes, adult congregate living, and subacute and home health settings. It presents background and treatment regimens for dermatological therapy in chronic and subacute care and provides forms useful for direct patient contact. The book's main chapters cover the aging of the world's population, dermatological problems and treatment in long-term and nursing-home care, and the special dermatological problems of the elderly that include skin diseases, geriatric hair and scalp disorders, leg, foot and nail diseases, superficial mycoses, scabies and pediculosis, blistering diseases, adverse drug reactions on the skin, leg ulcers, and dermal manifestations of diabetes.

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The Woman Who Lost Her Skin: (And Other Dermatological Tales)

news_herSkin.jpgRob Norman (Author)

"Since I'm a dermatologist, I need to give you the low-down on the skin..." This book is an inspirational collection of tales from Dr. Robert Norman's 18 years as a dermatologist in Tampa, Florida. Based on real-life experience Dr. Norman explains ailments of the skin, including melanoma, warts, albinism and toxic epidermal necrolysis, exploring the condition's history and etiology, and talks us through diagnosis with his patient stories. This book is invaluable reading for practicing and aspiring dermatologists and practitioners in primary care.

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100 Questions and Answers about Chronic Illness

news_100QA.jpgRobert Norman and Linda Ruescher

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Baby Farm

babyfarm.jpgRobert A. Norman, Mark Rentschlar

Jose Cartegna is a farmer, but his livestock is women and his crop – babies. Taking advantage of the distressed Mexican economy and the high demand for adoption in the United States, he develops a huge and profitable network for the acquisition and sale of infants. The network includes agents in the United States, like Carol Jackson, who solicit new clients. Jack and Susan Medford, a couple who desperately seek a child, are caught in Jackson's sticky web of deceit, while Mexican Federal Inspector Anthony Vega plays a game of life and death chess with Cartegna. If you want a suspenseful thriller that takes you through nail biting turns, Baby Farm is for you!

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Mastero Medical Detective

mastero.jpgDr. Robert A. Norman

Think Get Smart meets Naked Gun and you have Mastero Medical Detective by Dr. Robert A. Norman. Join Mastero, a dermatologist by day and detective in the evenings and on weekends, his boss Pickles, girlfriend Misstera, and dog Flipsy as they stop crime in its tracks and enjoy life. A fun-filled ride for all!!

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shootoff.jpgDr. Robert Norman & Toby Benoit

The first novel ever written on trapshooting. Motivational and exciting, it is destined to be a classic in the sports and shooting field. A great read!

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Mother Nature, Father Time (Tales of Medicine)

mothernature.jpgDr. Robert A. Norman

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The Kingdom of Sand Pines and Sparkling Waters

kingdom.jpgDr. Rob Norman

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I Can't Wait Until Tomorrow (Stories, Essays, and Poems on Medicine)

icantwait.jpgDr. Robert A. Norman

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Gaspar Returns (A Novel)

gaspar.jpgDr. Robert A. Norman

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Dermato Poetics

dermato.jpgDr. Robert A. Norman

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100 Questions & Answers About Aging Skin

questions.jpgDr. Robert A. Norman

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next.jpgDr. Robert A. Norman

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Fax of Life (Jokes, Quotes, & Assorted Wisdom)

faxoflife.jpgDr. Robert A. Norman

Jokes, quotes, and assorted wisdom; great for fax messages and the office.

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Take Two Aspirin And See Yourself In The Morning

aspirin.jpgDr. Robert A. Norman

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A Doctor's Little Instruction Book

instruction.jpgDr. Robert A. Norman

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Images of America – Tampa

tampa.jpgDr. Robert A. Norman

Prior to its incorporation in 1855, Tampa Town--as it was then known--was a desolate place to live, and disease and isolation kept many from settling in the area. But as the century progressed, a new and exciting mode of transportation began to open up America's remaining frontiers, including the untamed Gulf Coast of Florida. When the railroad came to Tampa, thousands of adventure-seekers, tourists, and new residents came with it, all ready to soak up the balmy breezes and tropical pleasures of the city of Tampa. Tampa began to resemble a modern industrialized city by the turn of the century, due mainly to the grand vision and plans of one man. Henry B. Plant encouraged Tampa's growth by bringing the railroad to town and constructing the elaborate Tampa Bay Hotel, and he, along with other entrepreneurs, brought an economic boom to the region with new industries, such as cigars and citrus, and the promotion of tourism.

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Where Wisdom Shines

wherewisdom.jpgDr. Robert Norman

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